Hello Dear Nature Friend

I look after a donkey family with three adults and two babies. Some of them are Andalusian giant donkeys which are in extinction.


In the last years I traveled more than three thousand kilometers with my donkeys for to find another time a nice big natural place where they can live mostly free again. The last place was in the Sierra Segura, about 120 hectares with forest, gardens, fields and two abandoned settlements. Ideal for my project.


However, in the winter the air became so bad that even the donkeys escaped. They went to a valley nearby with a different orientation where the wind couldn't bring the pollution. Unfortunately there was no possibility to live for me. So I left this nice area.


A report from the European Environment Agency has revealed that Spain exceeded safe pollution levels 150 times last summer and "thelocal.es" wrote too that Spain is the most polluted country of Europe.


After exploring all natural parks of Andalusia and because of good advices from kind persons I came to Portugal.

So I look forward to continue my project in South Portugal. My idea is to keep donkeys as natural as possible and share them with good persons. 
As natural as possible means to provide the donkeys a big land with a good vegetation as well as to keep a little herd with adults, youngsters and babies.
The benefits for visitors are to see the donkeys in a nice surrounding and the possibility to observe their natural behavior like how they interact, graze, play, run and how the babies are fed by their mothers and be taught and last but not least to get the unique energy from really happy donkeys and a natural place. Specially for children it is a nice adventure to walk on little paths trough the forest to search the donkeys. Of course I know where they are, so success is guaranteed and the children can cuddle and play with the donkeys. And when we speak about donkey therapy, what kind of donkeys can be better for therapy than really happy donkeys? Also, keeping donkeys in these conditions new possibilities will emerge.


Please support this unique project!

Sanctuary Happy Donkeys is a non profit project which with your support will become a great benefit to the donkeys and for any responsible nature friend. Two things  would be very helpful, information and contribution.


Information on where to find a valley with good vegetation, clean water, clean air, where you can hear only natural sounds and fields to grow ecological food.  Such a valley surrounded by natural forest would be perfect.


Contribution for the donkeys and other essentials for the project are also very appreciated because five donkeys eat a lot and medical care is very expensive nowadays. At the moment the donkeys need weekly 40 kilos of grains plus eighteen bales of straw. Not being able to afford the straw, they have to be taken out ten to twelve hours grazing daily. A castration of Frederico, the little youngster on the left photo cost minimum 150€. It needs to be done to avoid that he inseminate his little half sister Luisa, next to him on the photo. (Castration is done thanks to good people)


I hope you like the happy donkey project and are willing to support us.  By doing so I welcome you to come and visit the donkeys and enjoy a donkey walk through the beautiful  Monchique mountains and valleys.

If you wish to contact me please use the contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you, Robert.


If you like, befriend us on Facebook and you can see photos of our journey. You find us under the names:

Camaron Lucia Roberto (spanish - a lot of photos) and Calufi Frelu  (english - some photos)

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