About me

Hello, my name is Robert and I'm taking care of a donkey family:
three adult donkeys and two babies.  Some of them are Andalusian giant donkeys, a race close to extinction.

Over the last years, I have traveled more than three thousand kilometers with my donkeys to find a new home for us, where the donkeys can live in their natural habitat. Before, we lived in the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas, on a nice property of about 120 hectares with forest, a garden, fields and two abandoned settlements.

However, in the winter the conditions changed. The air became so polluted that the donkeys fled and went to a nearby valley, where the wind didn't bring as much pollution. Unfortunately, this valley was not suitable for me to live, so we had to leave this beautiful area.

After having explored all natural parks in Andalusia and receiving advice from friends, I came to Portugal.

Here, I found a nice place in the Algarve, close to Monchique, where the donkeys have enough space and can live in their natural habitat, and where also I have a little house to live in.

At our new home, we are surrounded by nature, where the donkeys can follow their natural behavior. All our visitors enjoy watching them interact with each other, graze, play, run and the babies being fed by their mothers, and feel the unique energy that these truly happy donkeys radiate.

Please support this unique project by making a donation or adopting a donkey!