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We continuosly do our best and with your good support the Happy Donkeys are always in very good condition. They make us so happy and all visitors and helpers too! Thank you very much for your help which made it possible to achieve all the nice things we have done and do for our lovely Happy Donkeys family.

Do you know that many donkeys need a dentist once a year???

We have been so lucky to find a very good dentist who explained to us very well why this is so.

Because of inapropiate breeding often dental problems appear which can cause dificulties in chewing and pain. Usualy  it can easiely corrected, by a professional.

The vet specialized in dentistry, Manuel Lamas, took recently care of all five donkeys.

First Josefina, she was very brave, some work to do, but no machine and no sedation was needed. She didn´´´'t move once.

Her daughter Luisa wanted to be next and it went smoothly as with her mother.

Next was Camaron, who is already a bit older, more work, machine and sedation needed. As you can see on the photo, he really enjoyed it ;-)

Than Frederico asked to be the next. As he is still very young, less work needed to be done. So a try without sedation. Frederico was more nervous, but the vet handled him very carefully as the first experience with this treatment is very important for future treatments.

Last came Lucia. She is also a bit older, so more work needed to be done, same as with Camaron. Everything went very well.

The veterinary Manuel Lamas and  his apprentice did a very good job! We noted almost directly a good improvement with the digestion of our donkeys.

Less food is needed now and the donkeys enjoy more their meal.


After the treatment of our Happy Donkeys we went to see an older donkey close by and it was amazing how Manuel helped this donkey. The Owners, Heike and Klaus, look very well after their two rescued donkeys. Gandalf, rescued not so long ago, already a bit older, was skinny with plenty of good always available, because he couldn't chew well. Manuel did a very good job and we instandly noticed a big improvement. Amazing the huge difference it made.


Finaly the whole day with Manuel Lamas was an excellent experience. All donkeys are absolutely well now and I did learn a lot. It helps also a lot to check other donkeys too, if a dental treatment is needed.


The treatment was quite expensive. With a special Happy Donkeys discount it came to 260€ for all 5 donkeys!

But no question, it is worth every cent!


Looking forward to Manuels next visit in one year!