Welcome to Happy Donkeys!

If your are looking for a unique experience in the nature with animals, in their natural habitat, this is the place for you!


All year round, I'm offering donkey walks with my five lovely donkeys in the mountains of the Algarve in Portugal. Sanctuary Happy Donkeys is a non-profit project that fights for the donkeys` rights and gives them a home, where they can live a happy life.


Find out more about me and my donkey project on this Website. You can also find us on Tripadvisor (very soon) & Google Maps.


Befriend us on Facebook and take a look at photos of our journey. You can find us under the following names:

Camaron Lucia Roberto (spanish - lots of photos)

Calufi Frelu (english - some photos)

Unique Donke Walks Algarve (english- about the walks)